AG’s Report and audit reports

To the uninitiated, the terms “Auditor-General’s Report”, “Annual AG’s reports” and “audit reports” may be confusing.  This short note is to clarify how we interpret these terms and how that are used in our system.

All the reports produced by the Auditor-General’s office or the National Audit Department are collectively termed as the Auditor-General’s Report.

The Auditor-General publishes an annual report based on the audits conducted during that year.  These are the annual reports tabled in Parliament and the states’ legislative assemblies.

For each audit conducted by the audit department, a detailed audit report is produced together with an “Intisari laporan” in the national language.  In more recent years, the Intisari laporan are translated into English as Synopsis or summaries.  These are referred to as the “audit reports”.  They have to be decomposed from the annual Auditor-General’s reports.




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