How the Auditor-General’s Annual Report is Published

The report produced by the Auditor General Office (National Audit Department) is collectively referred to as the Auditor General Report. The AG is mandated by the Federal Constitution and The Audit Act 1957 to audit the accounts of the various government ministries, department, and agencies, produce a report, submit the report to the Yang DiPertuan Agung, who will cause it to be tabled in Parliament.

The NAD publishes an annual AG report, and this report is in several volumes.  To download the various documents the users will have to visit a few pages on the National Audit Department Web site ( The documents that contain the full audit reports are in Malay while summaries or synopsis of the audits is also available in English. The language of the captions is the same as that of the documents.

The following are sample screens from the NAD website that are self-explanatory.



(Auditor-General’s Report, Federal 2013)

image05 image00

(Auditor-General’s Report for Federal Statutory Bodies, 2013)


(Auditor-General’s Reports for the States, 2013)


Overall, there can be a total of 124 documents for each year with the three series publication. Some of these documents can be as large as 500 MB as they are published in scanned PDF.


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