Audit Objects or Entities

The Auditor General is given the mandate to audit all government agencies and government linked companies (GLCs) where the government own 50% of the shares or have given a grant to the company. A list of government agencies can be found at >> Direktori Agensi. We counted that there are about 1400 agencies. In one of the interviews with Tan Sri Dato’ Setia Haji Ambrin Bin Buang, the Auditor General, he stated that there are about 1700 GLCs. This makes a total of about 3100 public entities the AG is auditing. In any one year, only a small sample of these entities is audited. This short note shows how the audit entities’ information can be accessed through the system.

AGR Guidelines_draft13915

This screen above, provides the links to the Federal level audit entities. These audit entities are further grouped into agencies, departments, divisions, GLCs, Federal ministries, statutory bodies, national projects and policies.  Yes, even policies may be audited.  Clicking on any of these links will display the entities under that heading.

Federal Departments

The screen above, shows the display for the Federal Departments grouped to the ministries. Only the first-level departments are shown.

Jabatan Pedana Menteri

The screen above shows a typical organization’s entry and in this case, it is for the Prime Minister’s Office or Jabatan Perdana Menteri. The source of information for the description is provided as a web link. A tree structure showing the departments and other entities under the PMO is provided.

AGR Guidelines_draft14164The screen above, provides the links to the States level audit entities. Just as in case of the Federal level, there are many sub-divisions.  Clicking on any of these links will display the entities under that heading.

AGR Guidelines_draft14194

The above screen shows a partial list of projects that have been audited or mentioned in the annual AG’s reports for the years 2011 to 2013. The alerts with the teal back ground indicates the number of audits available.  Those without the alerts have not been audited. Clicking on any of these projects will provide information on the project and the link to the audit reports.

Sistem e-Halal Jakim 2006

The above screen shows a typical project and in this case the e-Halal project of JAKIM.  Six audit have been done related to this project, and the hyperlinks to the audits are provided.

AGR Guidelines_draft14224

The above screen shows the list of organizations currently recorded in the system.  These may be compiled from sources other than the annual AG’s reports.

Geran kendalian MTDC

The screen above, shows a typical organizational entry with one associated audit.

AGR Guidelines_draft14254

The above screen provides the full list of the audit entities entered into the system and displayed 500 at a time. At the time of writing (November 2015) there are 1322 entities.


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